Hearing Aid Offers

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible hearing experience. You can try a hearing aid for one week for free, and you can also purchase a hearing aid risk-free with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Try Hearing Aids for One Week for FREE

Before you buy a car, you can take it for a test drive. Before you buy any clothing, you can try them on. Why should something as important as hearing aids be different?

That's why at HearCANADA we offer you the ability to try our newest hearing aids for one week for free. You get to test new and innovative hearing aid technology first-hand before deciding to make your purchase. There is no cost or down payment to participate, and there is no obligation to buy them after the week is over. That way, if you don't like them, it won't have cost you anything.

How It Works

At your first appointment, our hearing health care professional will give you a hearing test to make sure that hearing aids are the best solution for you. You won't need to worry about trying hearing aids if you don't actually need them.

If your hearing loss is serious enough, your hearing health care professional will recommend the best hearing aid model to try for your hearing loss.

You will be fitted with a hearing aid demo of the model you choose. You can then take it home with you for one week. We encourage you to wear the hearing aids in different environments so you can experience exactly how much they help you in your daily life.

Here are some common situations in which we recommend you test the hearing aids:

  • Watching TV
  • Listening to music
  • Shopping in a store or mall
  • Going to a noisy restaurant
  • Walking around outdoors
  • Attending a sporting event

At the end of the week you return to the clinic with the demos. You can choose to walk away without spending a dime, or you can purchase the hearing aid model and style that will benefit you and your hearing needs.


Contact us to request an appointment to try advanced new hearing aid technology for one week for free, with no cost or obligations.
Frequently Asked Questions
Am I A Candidate?
We have three requirements to determine eligibility for our demo.
First, you must have hearing loss where hearing aids are the recommended solution. If you don’t have hearing loss, or your hearing loss is too severe, we will instead recommend other solutions that would be better suited to your needs. That’s why the first thing we do is give you a full hearing assessment.
Second, you must be an adult.
Third, if you are eligible or applying for third-party coverage (e.g., WCB, DVA, NIHB), please contact us for a hearing test. We can assist you in applying or obtaining hearing aids through these programs. Contact us to request a hearing test appointment today.

What Does it Cost?
The entire process of our one week hearing aid demo is FREE! The hearing test at the first appointment is complimentary (a value of up to $75). There are no obligations to buy anything or spend any money. If you don’t like the hearing aids at the end of the week you can return them and walk away.
The cost of the hearing aid will vary depending on the style, model, and level of technology chosen by you after discussing with your hearing healthcare professional. There may be discounts on the hearing aids that are part of the demo program — contact us today to ask about our current specials and promotions!
The prices and discounts for eligible hearing aids can change over time. Your clinician will discuss this with you, taking your hearing loss and hearing needs into account.


60-Day Money Back Guarantee

One week is sometimes not long enough for you to be fully convinced that it will help you. When you buy a hearing aid from us, we want to be flexible to make sure you are not stuck with an expensive purchase that you wind up not liking.

That’s why all of our hearing aids that we dispense come with a 60-Day Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. You have 60 days from the date of purchase to return your hearing aids and get your money back. The only costs that are non-refundable are custom earmold and impression fees.

If you aren’t sure about what hearing aids, features or style you want then why not try before you buy? If you have had hearing aids before it’s a great way to test new features and newer technologies that may not have existed before.

Between the one week period where you can try hearing aids with no cost or obligations, and the 60 Day Guarantee, you will be able to get as much time and opportunity to try hearing aids and see if they are for you. If you are interested in getting started or want to ask some questions, you can fill out the form above to request your first appointment.

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