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Hearing aid financing.


The price of hearing aids varies depending on the style, brand, and level of technology. We understand that cost may be a concern when you purchase hearing aids. That is why we offer financing options such as discounts and payment plans, as well as assisting you with finding government funding and private insurance coverage.
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Hearing Aid Payment Plans

As part of HearCANADA's ongoing efforts to help make hearing aids available to current and future clients, we are now offering in-house financing. Our in-house financing is a great option for people who do not have benefits through private insurance or other third parties and if you can't financially manage a one-time full payment.

It splits the cost into small equal monthly payments over 3-, 6-, 12-, 24-, or 36-month terms. With HearCANADA's in-house financing you can experience modern hearing aid technology — and better sound — with low, interest-free monthly payments. There is a $10 monthly administrative fee which is added to the monthly payment. As a part of our in-house financing there is:

The financing is only available on Signia and Widex hearing aid purchases. Contact us today if you have questions regarding our in-house financing.

  • No credit checks required
  • No interest
  • No retroactive or hidden charges
  • Early additional payment available without penalty
  • Early full repayments available without penalty
Other Payment Options

Additional Financial Services

There are also a variety of other programs available to help with financing. The programs will vary by province as well as the eligibility of the programs. If you receive benefits through your job, it may include coverage for hearing aids. You can also purchase your own insurance coverage through a company like Blue Cross, or another provider. For more information on the programs available to you, contact your local HearCANADA to speak with one of our hearing care professionals.
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Hearing aids and accessories

At HearCANADA, we offer a range of hearing aids and accessories. You can purchase hearing aids, accessories, and batteries from one of our local hearing clinics. At HearCANADA, you can purchase hearing aids, accessories, and batteries from one of our local hearing clinics.
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We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible hearing experience. You can try a hearing aid for one week for free, and you can also purchase a hearing aid risk-free with a 60-day money back guarantee.
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Hearing Care Services

At HearCANADA, we offer a variety of services related to hearing care and hearing aids. Whether you need a hearing assesment, earwax removal, or hearing aid repairs, you can get help from one of our local hearing centres.

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