Maple Leaf
I know someone
with hearing loss.
I need new
hearing aids.
Frank Verkerk
"They were so helpful and able to answer all my questions. They really made this whole experience effortless. I liked how they were able to set me up with all the latest accessories, especially the Bluetooth. It has made using my cell phone with my hearing aids hassle free."
Frank V. with provider Don Macleod
Gus and Al Sturm
"I am so happy my brother and I came to HearCanada. It has opened up a whole new world for both of us, particularly myself as I have no hearing on one side. With HearCanada's help it has brought my hearing capabilities to a whole new level. I can now interact and communicate with people on either side."
Gus S. (right) and Al S. (left) with provider Trisha Doyle

Wallace Wing
"I can hear and understand a variety of sounds simultaneously. It opens pathways of sounds that weren't there before. I am getting used to the additional sounds. I am 83 and got hit on at the casino, if I didn't hear it, she would have passed me by."
Wallace W. with provider Noland Trombley
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advanced tech 1
advanced technology within reach

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