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There are various situations and lifestyles that need hearing protection. Some workplaces, concerts, and even simple daily activities need a certain degree of hearing protection.
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About Custom Earplugs

Long and repeated exposure to sound above 85 dBA can damage your hearing. Custom earplugs reduce the noise exposure level and the risk of hearing loss. Wearing hearing protection at all times when exposed to loud noise maximizes their effectiveness. If they are only worn part time, or if the protectors do not fit properly, the effectiveness is greatly reduced.

The earplugs you buy from a pharmacy may not be suitable for some people who have more sensitive hearing, small or large ear canals or any ear that has an unusual shape due to birth trauma or surgery. By contrast, a custom molded set will fit comfortably into your ears.

Your choice of custom earplugs can be influenced by several factors including noise level, environment, and comfort. Custom noise protectors yield the best results for reducing noise levels. Our hearing professional are trained to customize hearing protection for their clients. The process involves taking an impression of your ear to make a unique mold that fits your ear perfectly.

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Helps protect you from ear infections
  • Helps prevent hearing loss and damage
  • They last a long time

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Swimming Earplugs

Dive with confidence

Swimming plugs are a great option for sport or leisure swimmers to protect their ears. When you are swimming there is a possibility that different bacteria in the water can be entering your ear. This can  lead to an itchy, painful, and potentially serious infection known as swimmer's ear. If you think you are experiencing swimmer's ear it is recommended to visit your doctor. Custom earplugs can help you avoid infections in your ear.
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The benefits of our earplugs for swimming

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Sealed and keep water out
  • Floatable
  • Bright and vibrant colours
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Earplugs for sleeping

Silencing the Night

Do you work a night shift and have trouble sleeping during the day because of the noise the world makes? Does your partner snore very loudly? Are you a very light sleeper that gets disturbed by slight sounds? 

Sleep Soundly

Noise prevents thousands of Canadian each night from falling and staying asleep. To help reduce the amount of noise as you go to sleep, you can get your own pair of custom earplugs, so you can get the quality of sleep you deserve.

Here are some of the benefits of our earplugs for sleeping: 

  • Soft material
    They're made of soft silicone to fit comfortably in your ear
  • Better sleep
    They relieve you from sounds that can disturb or prevent your sleep
  • Less stress
    Better quality sleep lowers stress, high blood pressure, and more
Musician Earplugs

A great help for musicians

Musician earplugs are designed for musicians as well as people who like to listen to music at concerts.

Research has shown that enjoying music at a live concert or through loudspeakers can have irreversible effects on your hearing. The safest level of sound for noise exposure is less than 70 dBA. Anything above 85 dBA may require hearing protection, to avoid potential hearing loss. The average sound level at a concert is around 120-129 dBA.

Custom earplugs can protect the musician's or listener's ears from long exposure to loud music, while still allowing you to hear the sound and frequency of the music at a safe and comfortable level. Interchangeable filters are available for varying levels of sound attenuation to suit individual needs.

Playing the guitar wearing hearing aids getting the best sound experience

Discover our range for loud noise protection

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If you partake in going to shooting ranges, clay shooting or hunting, you should be aware that these activities have a high potential of damaging your hearing. The average decibel level for a gunshot is between 150 and 165 dBA, which is well above the safest level of sound for noise. Custom earplugs are the ideal solution to protect your hearing from gunshots, while helping you hear and communicate in the woods or on the range for safety purposes.
Embrace the freedom of using your phone outdoors, fully immersing yourself in conversations with loved ones, friends, and colleagues, even amidst bustling city streets or serene natural surroundings, with the support of hearing aids.


These earplugs can help protect your hearing from the noise of power tools, engines, and other industrial machines. It allows you to hear conversations and alarms to permit communication on-site, in the shop or on the factory floor. If you are around a noisy environment of 85 dBA or higher it is recommended to wear hearing protection.
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The custom earplugs dampen harmful and tiring noises. They still allow you to hear traffic, and your communication system perfectly. The safest level of sound for noise exposure is less than 70 dBA. Anything above 85 dBA may require hearing protection, to avoid potential hearing loss. Some motorcycle exhaust systems can emit noise as high as 80 dBA, it can exceed 100 dBA when the engine is revved, and airflow around a biker helmet can reach 110 dBA.
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