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Funny how complexity can make life so much easier. Developments in digital hearing aids have taken these little devices from nice to have to can't live without. Ready to experience it for yourself?
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Hearing. The final frontier. Did you know that Widex invented the digital hearing aid? The technology is fascinating and invisible. Hearing aids restore your (unknown) superpowers, your sense of space, your feeling for the room.

Imagine looking like a viking, carrying around a hearing trumpet, the horn of a goat? Gone are the days. Digital hearing aids are your secret weapon. They make you feel the room and keep you safe from cars (and monsters) coming from behind you. With advances in technology, you feel the surround sound, life in 3D, like you’ve always known it.

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Widex Moment™, the wide-wild range

Thanks to the groundbreaking technologies ZeroDelay and PureSound™, Widex employs artificial intelligence to create surround sound.
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Digital hearing aids: FAQ

What is a digital hearing aid?

Are digital hearing aids better?

How do digital hearing aids work?

How long do digital hearing aids last?

Which is better, analog or digital hearing aids?

Are digital hearing aids expensive?

Can I afford digital hearing aids?

What are the best digital hearing aids?

Hearing aids technology

Micro-devices for macro-experiences

Hearing aid is an old-fashioned term. Modern technology has upgraded these “aids” into micro-computers that perform many functions.
Widex Moment hearing aid technology for best sound
Different hearing aids types
Hearing Aids Types

Hearing aid types

Are you looking for hearing aids? Hearing aids come in a variety of types and styles, which can be broken into two main categories. We will talk about each type of hearing aid as well as the advantages and disadvantages of them.
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Types of hearing aids

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Hearing aid technology and features

Modern hearing aids are much more advanced now. In addition to common features, they now come with Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, Machine Learning, and more.
Hearing aids provides you with the sharpness and ease of mind during the work day

Stay connected to the world

Smartphones, TVs, tablets—we live in a smart world. So, why shouldn't your hearing aid be? It's time to get connected. We are happy to show you how.
Conquer our hearing loss by getting the right hearing aids

Rechargeable hearing aids

Efficient, effective and environmentally friendly—what's not to love? Find out how rechargeable hearing aids can help recharge your routine and take your hearing experience to the next level.

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