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Rechargeable hearing aids

Efficient, effective and environmentally friendly—what's not to love? Find out how rechargeable hearing aids can help recharge your routine and take your hearing experience to the next level.
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Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries

The benefits of rechargeable hearing aids

Throwaway batteries are so yesterday. Recharge your hearing aids in just 4 hours in their pocket-sized home station. Alternatively, you can charge them in their own mini-disinfection dry & clean charger. For 4+ days, no plug needed. Now that’s mobility.
  • A full recharge = a full day + 5 hours of streaming
  • A quick 30-minute charge delivers 4–5 hours of emergency power
  • On-the-go charging, 3–4 days use: pocket-sized cases that use Qi technology = you don’t need a plug or change batteries
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Revive, recharge, relive

Recharge with Signia Active

Are those new earbuds? Super discreet Signia Active has a wireless, pocket-sized charger that keeps you energized for several days.
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Recharge your style with Styletto AX

Charging on-the-go, up to 19 hours of use

Pocket-sized Styletto offers the world's first hearing aid charger with Qi wireless technology—no plug needed.
Insio AX Black Double Signia Hearing aids
Recharge with Insio Charge&Go AX

Each charge up to 20 hours of use, 24 hours without streaming

Custom-fit and discreetly hidden in your ear, Signia Insio Charge&Go AX hearing aids are fully recharged in 4 hours in their snug case.
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Recharge with Pure Charge&Go AX

Each charge is 36 hours + 5 hours streaming

Signia Pure offers game-changing technology (acoustic-motion sensors) to respond to your active lifestyle with ultra-durable performance.
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Recharge with Widex

Each charge is up to 29 hours of use

The Widex mRIC is the world's tiniest rechargeable hearing aid with incredible AI technology that adapts to any and every situation.
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Rechargeable hearing aids: FAQ

What are rechargeable hearing aids?

What are the pros of rechargeable hearing aids?

How long does a rechargeable hearing aid last?

Should I get a hearing aid with rechargeable batteries?

What are the best rechargeable hearing aids?

Different hearing aids types
Hearing Aids

Hearing aid types

Are you looking for hearing aids? Hearing aids come in a variety of types and styles, which can be broken into two main categories. We will talk about each type of hearing aid as well as the advantages and disadvantages of them.
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Types of hearing aids

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Hearing aid technology and features

Modern hearing aids are much more advanced now. In addition to common features, they now come with Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeability, Machine Learning, and more.
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Stay connected to the world

Smartphones, TVs, tablets—we live in a smart world. So, why shouldn't your hearing aid be? It's time to get connected. We are happy to show you how.
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Welcome to the digital world

Funny how complexity can make life so much easier. Developments in digital hearing aids have taken these little devices from nice to have to can't live without. Ready to experience it for yourself?

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