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Finally, a hearing aid that doesn't sound like a hearing aid.
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This Sound Changes Everything

The WIDEX MOMENT™ offers one of the most pure, natural sound qualities you will find in hearing aids. It achieves this with its ZeroDelay™ sound processing technology. One of the main complaints new hearing aid users have is how artificial they sound. Even if they can hear more clearly than they could with their hearing loss, the sound experience in the past was different. 

What the ZeroDelay™ feature does is remove virtually all of that delay, so the sound a user hears with the MOMENT™ sounds much more natural. It also comes with the same machine learning technology that has made Widex so well known.

Widex mRIC R-D double in a titaniumgrey colour.

Artificial Intelligence

Powered by artificial intelligence, the WIDEX MOMENT™ automatically adapts to different listening situations. Without pushing any buttons, the WIDEX MOMENT™ ensures optimal clarity, comfort and audibility in every environment.
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The mRIC is the world’s smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid. The wireless charger is compact and made with a lightweight aluminum casing. A four-hour charge provides 16 to 20 hours of use depending on streaming time.

Built to Last

The WIDEX MOMENT™ is built using highly durable materials, including advanced water-resistant nano coating and stainless steel receivers. These materials are engineered so your hearing aids will resist moisture to prevent damage from occurring.


The WIDEX MOMENT™ App is available on Apple or Android smartphones. You can use it to fully control or fine-tune your WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids with ease, so you always hear pure, natural sound in every moment.


For Which Levels of Hearing Loss is WIDEX MOMENT™ Suitable?

How does hearing aids normally sound like and how can WIDEX MOMENT™ deliver a more natural sound than the competitors?

How long does it take to fully charge WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids?

Is there a possibility of faster charging if I do not have time to wait full charge?

How does the AI in the WIDEX MOMENT™ hearing aids work?

Which platforms does WIDEX MOMENT™ Bluetooth work with?

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WIDEX MOMENT™ delivers the most pure and natural sound ever heard in a hearing aid

The revolutionary WIDEX MOMENT™ changes the game to deliver the most pure, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid reaches the eardrum later than sound heard directly. And when these two ‘out of sync’ signals mix, you get an artificial sound.


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