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Hearing aids & tinnitus relief

Advancements in hearing care have been nothing short of amazing, and that includes innovations in tinnitus care, too. Book an appointment with HearCANADA today and learn how you can tackle your symptoms with the latest in tinnitus technology.
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Hearing Aids for tinnitus management

Do Hearing Aids help tinnitus?

For those troubled by tinnitus, relief may be found through hearing aids, especially if accompanied by hearing loss. These devices can be programmed to mask the bothersome sounds with more pleasant ones, like white noise or music. They not only enhance external sounds for better hearing but also include specific tinnitus programs to effectively manage the condition.
Widex hearing aids are best in class to relieve tinnitus
Widex tinnitus features

Widex hearing Aids and Zen Therapy

Widex hearing aids are the only devices to use Widex Zen Therapy. It is an integrated program with the hearing aids that helps treat tinnitus distress. There are three elements of the program: auditory aspects, attention, and emotion.

Widex hearing aids have a variety of fractal, non-repeating, tonal stimulation that you can choose from. Zen Therapy is proven to be effective in helping users with relaxation, concentration and managing tinnitus.

Tinnitus features

Hearing Aids with tinnitus Features

Often wearing hearing aids can help with tinnitus. Hearing loss typically occurs slowly over time, making it difficult to recognize the sounds you don’t hear. Hearing aids work to increase those sounds back to a normal range which often helps drown out tinnitus. 

Many hearing aids also have features that may help, such as tinnitus masking features. These include white noise or other sounds which may reduce the buzzing, ringing, humming, or other sounds of tinnitus.
Are you ready to tackle your Tinnitus?
Signia tinnitus features

Signia Hearing Aids

Signia hearing aids feature built-in tinnitus relief. They offer three features to help manage your tinnitus: static noise, ocean wave sounds, and notch therapy.
  • Static Noise and Ocean Wave Therapy

    Static Noise and Ocean Wave Therapy are two features that work in a similar way. They cover up the sounds of tinnitus with individually tuned therapy signals. These signals divert attention away from the tinnitus and reduce the severity of symptoms you hear. 


  • Noth Therapy
    Signia hearing aids are the only devices with the built-in tinnitus Notch Therapy. Notch Therapy treats your tinnitus silently unlike the static noise and ocean therapy mentioned above. This means that all you have to do is wear your hearing aids and the therapy could reduce the annoyance of your tinnitus in just weeks or months.
Other options

Other tinnitus treatment

Unfortunately, there is no cure for tinnitus. For some people, hearing aids can greatly help with tinnitus though there are other strategies for dealing with tinnitus. Some other treatment options include:

  • Tinnitus masking devices and white noise machines
  • Tinnitus therapy apps
  • Counselling and support groups
  • Tinnitus retraining therapy
Some HearCANADA locations offer tinnitus services. Contact your nearest centre today to see what options are available to you.

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The batteries for your hearing aids are nearly as important as hearing aids themselves. A new battery will power your device on average for three to ten days before needing to be replaced depending on the size of your battery. 

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