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Signia hearing aids

Signia is one of the world's foremost hearing aid manufacturers. They have earned a reputation for being at the forefront of advanced technology.
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Discover Signia Hearing Aids Available in Canada

Signia Hearing Aids

Many of Signia's latest hearing aid models come with leading lithium-ion rechargeable technology and battery life. They come with portable charging stations that hold their own charge, so you can take it with you and charge the hearing aids on the go.
  • Best Quality Sound
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable technology
  • Advanced hearing aid technology
  • Suitable for people with all levels of hearing loss
Signia augmented xperience

Signia Augmented Xperience technology platform

Signia Augmented Xperience was released in the summer of 2021. Its signature feature is that the hearing aid uses two separate processors: one for sounds in focus and the other for your surroundings.
Woman having a drink in a cafe Xperience.

Signia xperience technology platform

Signia Xperience was released in the fall of 2019. Its signature feature is the ability to maintain sound clarity across multiple environments. It achieves this with the world's first Acoustic-Motion Sensor technology.
Signia insio ax charger with a light purple background.
Signia Insio Charge&Go AX Hearing Aid

Signia Insio Charge&Go AX

Signia Insio Charge&Go AX is the world's first custom, contactless rechargeable hearing aid. It has the same features through the Signia Augmented Xperience platform, including the  advanced Bluetooth connectivity so you can stream phone calls, music, and high-quality TV audio.
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Signia active white and gold hearing aid witha light purple background.

Signia Active and Active Pro X

The Signia Active and Active Pro hearing aid is Signia is ready-to-wear ITE (In-The-Ear) model that has one of the most modern designs. It was released in Canada in April 2021 and was  designed to look more like premium wireless earbuds than traditional hearing aids.

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Signia active white and gold colours

Signia Active Pro Hearing Aid

Signia Active Pro hearing aids deliver high-tech hearing support in a discreet earbud. The Active Pro is an award-winning design winning the iF Design Award in 2021.
Signia motion x

Signia Motion X Hearing Aid

The Signia Motion X is a rechargeable BTE hearing aid model that uses the Signia Xperience platform. It was released in Canada in March 2021 and is made for people with more significant levels of hearing loss.
Signia insio ax charger

Signia Insio Charge&Go AX

Try the Insio Charge&GO AX which is the world's first wireless-charging custom in-the-ear hearing aid. Learn about about these high-tech hearing aids.
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