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IIC invisible-in-canal hearing aid is so discret and small that nobody will notice you are wearing it when it is hidden in your ear canal for mild to moderate hearing loss

It's your little secret

Your hearing health, your choice – with invisible hearing aids, you get to decide when your ears are the topic of conversation. For example, when you talk to our health care professionals.
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Small size, big impact

Prefer to keep your hearing health to yourself? Traditional hearing aids cramping your style? Regardless of the reason, there's always a solution. With invisible in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aids, you get the benefit of a crystal clear sound without the appearance of even wearing a hearing aid at all.

Choosing a hearing aid is a personal experience. What works best for you and what matters most for your hearing health? If you prefer a hearing aid others can't see, invisible hearing aids may be the perfect fit for you. Benefits include:
  • Small, discreet design
  • Custom fit to your ear
  • Less likely to pick up wind noise
  • Clear, natural sound
Signia Insio AX Hearing aids ITC in-the-canal tailored to your individual ear shape to sit discreetly inside your ear
Signia Insio Charge&Go AX

Fits like a glove...

But for your ears, of course. Don't let their small size fool you. Signia's invisible hearing aids have a sound so clear, you'll forget you're even wearing them.
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Innovation at its best

Who would have thought so much technology could fit so snuggly in your ear. Find out about the powerful hearing aid technology changing hearing health for the better.
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Style, fit, features - find a hearing aid tailor-made to your needs and your ears.
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