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Hearing aid buying guide

If you have never purchased hearing aids before, there are some important steps you should know. Learn what you need to know when buying hearing aids in Canada in our Complete Hearing Aid Buying Guide.
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Our Hearing Aid Buying Guide

Buying hearing aids involves a multi-step process beyond just picking one off the shelf. You must navigate through various brands, models, and technology levels, which can be overwhelming without understanding the differences. Additionally, when ready to purchase, you'll encounter various payment or funding options, which differ by location and provincial programs in Canada. This guide aims to simplify the buying process for you.

Buing guide
Buing guide

How to buy hearing aids with confidence?

When you decide you want to buy hearing aids to help with your hearing loss, there are four steps you will go through. This process is similar for all hearing aid clinics across Canada, though there may be some slight differences within each step. Here is a quick outline for each step for buying hearing aids, starting when you first contact a clinic.

1. Takig a hearing test

Every hearing clinic starts with a hearing test to identify your needs and whether you require hearing aids. This test fine-tunes aids to your specific hearing loss frequencies, akin to how an eye exam customizes prescription glasses for clear vision, differentiating hearing aids from generic amplifiers.

2. Product Discussion

After your hearing test, your clinician will review the results and discuss various hearing aid options, such as brands, models, styles, and technology levels. They'll recommend options suited to your needs, narrowing down the choices. You can then try selected hearing aids for a week for free or proceed with a purchase.

3. Making a purchase

In this step, you buy your chosen hearing aids and accessories. Payment options include using personal funds, financing, government programs, or private insurance, with possibilities to combine methods. Some third-party programs may cover all costs if you're eligible, allowing for out-of-pocket or financed payments.

4. 60 day money back program

After purchasing hearing aids, most Canadian clinics, including HearCANADA, provide a return guarantee. HearCANADA offers a 60-day return policy, allowing you to get a full refund if you're unsatisfied, offering financial security and the chance to try the devices for an extended period.
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