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Hearing aid accessories & assistive listening devices

For people who are hard of hearing, a wide variety of technologically advanced products can make hearing easier. Hearing aid accessories and assistive listening devices (ALDs) can help enhance your listening experience with hearing aids.
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About Hearing Aid Accessories

Types of Hearing Aid Acessories

Hearing aids are sophisticated pieces of technology. They have a variety of features and benefits to improve your hearing. Hearing aid accessories are devices that are meant to complement or add additional features and abilities to your hearing aids.

There are a variety of accessories that may enhance your experience with hearing aids. You can pick and choose which accessories you want depending on your preferences. Some accessories are complimentary when you purchase hearing aids. You may also choose not to get any accessories.

The accessories you choose will usually need to be the same brand as your hearing aids. This is because the accessories are designed to function specifically with the same brand. However, most hearing aid manufactures will offer a similar selection of accessories.

If you're new to hearing aids and don't know what kind of accessories you can choose, here is a quick list of the most common types: 

  • Remote controls
  • TV audio streamers
  • Phone streamers
  • Bluetooth device streamers features
  • Cleaning and maintenace accessories
  • FM and telecoil decoders
  • Remote service link devices
Most hearing aid manufacturers make products for all of these types of accessories. However, you will find some differences in terms of functionality and style that can better suit your needs. Your hearing care professional will recommend a few accessories to you depending on your individual needs.
Widex Hearing Aid Accessories

Personalize your Widex hearing aid

If you have a Widex hearing aid, there is a large selection of accessories from which to choose. They can also be tailored to suit your individual hearing needs. You can contact your local clinic  and your clinician if you have any questions.
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Widex remote controls

Widex RC DEX


The RC-DEX is Widex's remote control accessory that allows you to adjust the settings on your hearing aids without having to take them out of your ears. It is a small device that you can attach  to a keychain so you don't lose it, and can carry it with you more easily.
Widex COM DEX Remote Mic


The Widex COM-DEX is a hands-free streaming device that you wear around your neck. It is one of the best Bluetooth hearing aid accessories you will find. It allows you to stream sound from  any Bluetooth-enabled device to your Widex hearing aids.
Widex Remote Link

Widex Remote Link

The Remote Link device is the accessory required to have service appointments through WIDEX REMOTE CARE™. With Remote Link, reliable internet connection, and a smartphone, you can connect with your clinician for a remote appointment. 
Signia Hearing Aid Accessories

Advanced Accessories for Enhanced Hearing Comfort

Signia has their own line of hearing aid accessories. When it comes to their line of products, they build on their focus on Bluetooth and rechargeable technology.
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StreamLine TV Signia

Signia Streamline TV Audio Streamer

Signia StreamLine TV is Signia's television audio streamer. You connect it to your television, and the audio is sent directly to your hearing aids without affecting the sound for non-hearing aid users.
Frontview Mic Black Signia

Signia StreamLine Mic 4-in-1 Audio Streamer

The Siqnia StreamLine Mic turns your hearing aids into a hands-free mobile headset, wireless headphones, remote microphone, and Bluetooth audio streamer.
MiniPocket Signia

Signia miniPocket Remote Control

The Signia miniPocket remote control accessory is small, discreet and easy to use. It makes adjusting your hearing aids much easier, without needing to take your hearing aids out. 
Assistive Listening Devices

Amplifying Sound Beyond Hearing Aids

In addition to accessories, there are also Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) that can be used without hearing aids. They often work very similar to accessories, but there are some important differences to keep in mind.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) resemble hearing aid accessories but function independently. Designed for specific situations, ALDs amplify overall sound, though less sophisticated than hearing aids. While not a substitute, they offer valuable assistance in various scenarios. 
Amplify the joy of exploring winter wonderlands with dogsledding, fully attuned to the barks, howls, and excitement of the sled dogs as you navigate the pristine snow-covered trails, thanks to the enhanced hearing provided by hearing aids.

Amplified Phones

Amplified phones are arguably the most popular ALD you will find. They work by offering amplified sound for the ringer and phone volume, so it is easier to hear phone conversations more clearly.
Smiling male family members watching boxing on tv, cheering for favorite boxer wearing hearing aids

TV Streamer

TV streamers work very similar to the hearing aid accessories for TVs. They do not amplify the sound, like the amplified phone ALD. They plug into a television and stream sound to headphones that you can wear.
Couple watching TV with hearing aids

Amplified Alert Systems

Even people with hearing aids will experience issues hearing various types of alerts if they aren't wearing their hearing aids. This can be a bigger issue when they are sleeping.

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