Is There Funding Assistance for Hearing Aids in Alberta?

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If you live in Alberta and want to know about funding assistance for hearing aids, there is a government program that may be able to help. The Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) helps Albertans with a long-term disability, chronic or terminal illness. If eligible, you can receive funding assistance for basic medical equipment and supplies. This includes the purchase of hearing aids. You may be eligible for benefits through AADL if you:

  • Are an Albertan with a valid Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan card, and

  • Require assistance because of a long-term disability or chronic/terminal illness.


AADL is a cost-share program. Albertans pay 25% of the benefit cost to a maximum of $500 per individual or family per year. Low-income Albertans and those receiving income assistance do not pay the cost-sharing portion.


Eligible applicants can use the funding towards the purchase, or repair of hearing aids. If you are*:

  • Under the age of 18 – you may be eligible for 2 hearing aids once every 5 years

  • 18 to 24 years old, and are pursuing full-time post-secondary studies – you may be eligible for 2 hearing aids once every 5 years

  • 18 to 64 year old, and have a low income – you may be eligible for funding towards 2 hearing aids or a personal listening device once every 5 years

  • 65 years or older, and have a low income – you may be eligible for funding towards 2 hearing aids or a personal listening device once every 5 years

  • 65 years or older, but have a higher income – you may be eligible for funding towards 1 hearing aid or a personal listening device once every 5 years.

* Restrictions apply. Speak to your hearing care provider to understand your eligibility or what other financing options may be available. Your level of income is based on your last tax return. If you do not qualify through AADL, you still may get funding if you meet the requirements of the Special Needs Assistance for Seniors program. Contact your local HearCANADA centre today to understand the best options available to you.
Does Alberta Blue Cross Cover Hearing Aids?

Alberta Blue Cross is a third party insurance provider. It does offer insurance plans that do include hearing aid coverage, and you should check your policy to see if you are eligible for coverage. In addition, there are other third-party providers you may have through your work or another private company that could include hearing aid coverage.


If you have health benefits, consult your private insurance for information on hearing aid coverage. You may have hearing aid benefit coverage in your insurance without even noticing it. We work with all third-party insurers including Alberta Blue Cross or Seniors’ Health Benefit. Many insurance plans include some level of coverage or financial assistance for the purchase of hearing aids, accessories, and/or batteries. You will need to look at the details of your specific insurance plan to find out if you are covered.
Additional Hearing Care Resources

Additional resources and programs that can help fund hearing aids in Alberta include:

  • WCB Alberta: If you have been working in Alberta and have been exposed to two or more years of noise exposure which exceeds the Alberta Occupational Health & Safety Standards, you are eligible to submit an application to the board for review. If eligible, they provide disability benefits, including hearing healthcare services and the sale of hearing aids. 

  • First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB): Hearing aids and accessories are one of the benefits covered under the FNIHB Non-Insured Health Benefits (status card).

  • Veterans Affairs Canada: They provide health care benefits to veterans, members of the Canadian Armed Forces, RCMP, and their families. Hearing aids may be included in the benefits for individuals that qualify with them.


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