Can I Connect My Hearing Aids to My TV?

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Whether you want to watch your favourite sports team win or relax with your newest series addiction, you may be able to listen to your TV through your hearing aids. Most hearing aid manufacturers offer a TV streaming device to allow you to connect your hearing aids to the TV. It is a good idea to look at your TV beforehand and make sure you have compatible connectors on both your TV and the manufacturer’s streaming device.


It is important to note that most streaming devices can only connect to one TV at a time, so if you have multiple TVs in your home, you will either need to purchase more than one device or disconnect and reconnect it if you want to use it in a different room. If you run into any issues, you can contact your hearing care professional for more assistance.

TV Streaming Devices

For Signia Hearing Aids:


For Widex Hearing Aids:

Connect Your StreamLine TV
Connect Your TV PLAY

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