Don't leave your hearing loss untreated

Hearing loss also has an effect on not only you (probably more than you are aware of) but also those around you.
From early on in life our brain learns, collects and stores sound pictures to help us get an immediate picture of a situation.

You probably haven't even noticed that you have ceased hearing i.e. the sound of birds chirping, the wind blowing, the leaves rustling and many other sounds.
What happens when you gradually stop hearing sounds?

When you gradually cease to hear certain sounds your brain forgets to recognize them. When you have difficulty hearing you are likely to force your brain to devote too much energy processing sounds at the expense of memory and thinking.

Why treat a hearing loss?

The sooner you tackle your hearing loss, the better chance your brain will have to be able to recognize these sounds again.

Take action before you get isolated

Many people do not take action on their hearing loss until they have difficulty communicating with other people, which can cause them to experience loneliness and isolation. Some even experience depression. 

Don't wait too long.

Take charge of your life and test your hearing online or visit one of our stores for a free hearing test and a chat. 

Don’t compromise when your quality of life is at stake!

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