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Hearing Tests

If you think you or a loved one might have hearing loss, the first step is to have a hearing test at a hearing clinic to get a better understanding of your hearing health. Our hearing care professionals are equipped with the necessary training, experience and technology to perform the hearing test you need.
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Hearing tests in HearCanada

Professional Hearing Tests

Do you have difficulty hearing in most situations? Do you turn up the TV or radio to loud levels? Do you ask people to repeat themselves? These are all common signs of hearing loss. If you believe you might be experiencing hearing loss, our hearing tests provide a full assessment of the state of your hearing.

It is recommended to get your hearing evaluated on a yearly basis beginning at the age of 60 to make sure that hearing loss isn’t developing or getting worse over time. Hearing can change slowly over time making it difficult to notice when your hearing decreases. It is often people around you who notice first.

There are other reasons why you may want to take a hearing test, even if your hearing seems fine. People who have diabetes or who work in loud environments are more likely than normal to develop hearing loss. So whether you want a hearing test because you are showing signs of hearing loss, or because you are required to take a test for your job, our HearCANADA centres are ready to provide the help you need.
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Hearing assesment

At HearCANADA clinics, your hearing test appointment starts with background info and medical history. We'll check for hearing deterioration and workplace noise exposure. The test includes an ear exam followed by sound booth testing with headphones. You'll indicate what you hear, helping us assess your hearing loss severity.
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Test your hearing loss on the go through the website

Free online heaRing test

If you suspect hearing loss but are unsure about booking a clinic appointment, consider trying a free online hearing test. It's quick, requiring only a few minutes and headphones connected to your computer. While not as precise as a clinic test, it can indicate if you have clear signs of hearing loss, prompting further action. If the results suggest hearing loss, it's advisable to visit a clinic for a comprehensive assessment and guidance from a hearing care professional.
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Industry Hearing Tests

Police Testing: Hearing tests are mandatory for police applicants in Ontario and several other provinces, including a declaration of meeting organizational standards by the audiologist conducting the test.

Industrial Testing: Employers may request hearing tests to ensure employee safety or establish baseline measures for noisy work environments. Our centers conduct these tests and provide custom earplugs for workplace hearing protection.

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How to prepare?
How to prepare?

How to prepare for a Hearing Test?

Many people are very anxious at the thought of a hearing test, though it isn’t a stressful process. Here are some tips to help prepare for your hearing test:

1. Bring your health card

2. Consider bringing a friend or family member for support to your appointment

3. Arrive relaxed and give yourself ample time

4. Sit comfortably and breathe steadily during the test

5. Prepare a list of symptoms and relevant medical details

like work history, military service, and exposure to high noise levels during hobbies or activities.
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Types of Hearing Tests

When you have your hearing tested, there are a few different kinds of tests you can have done.Which one you take will depend on the equipment available at a centre, and what the test needs to assess.

Here are the four main types that we use in our clinics:

  • Standardized Speech Test
    Our hearing healthcare professional will say words to you through earphones and ask you to repeat them. They will complete a few tests including Most Comfortable Level, Speech Reception Thresholds, and Word Recognition testing.
  • Pure Tone Hearing Tests
    Pure Tone Testing is also called Air Conduction Testing since it goes through the outer and middle ear. You will sit in a sound booth and listen to sounds through earphones and indicate to the audiologist if you hear the sound. It measures the softest sound that the person can hear.
  • Tympanometry
    Tympanometry is used to test the condition of the middle ear and the mobility of the eardrum. The test can help determine if you have fluid in the ear, a middle ear infection, a tear in the eardrum, or eustachian tube dysfunction.
  • Acoustic Reflex Test
    The Acoustic Reflex Test monitors the reflex that occurs in response to loud sounds. The test can help check for particular types of hearing loss related to how well your acoustic reflex still responds to these types of sound.
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Hearing Test Results

Your hearing test is evaluated using an audiogram. This shows test sounds on a scale and provides information on the hearing threshold level in decibels. A hearing test isn’t a pass-fail exam, but the results can show whether you have hearing loss in one or both ears and how much hearing is gone.
understand your audiogram

Understanding your audiogram

Audiograms help you visualize your hearing abilities. Find out how to read them and what various results mean for your hearing health. Book an appointment to get your audiogram and start your journey to better hearing today.
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Hearing test for Adults

If your hearing test reveals hearing loss, our clinicians will discuss the next steps, potentially including a full assessment. This assessment includes visually checking for issues like earwax blockages or damage, with immediate solutions available. If needed, we can refer you to a doctor or specialist. Hearing aids are often the best solution, and our professionals will guide you through options, functionality, and costs.
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Hearing tests for children

Our clinics offer hearing tests for children, depending on their age. Younger children may engage in simple activities like placing a ring on a peg when they hear a sound, while older children respond by pressing a button or raising a hand. Contact us to find out which HearCANADA centers provide pediatric testing services.

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