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Our loved ones impact our lives in so many ways, making it all the more difficult when they start to pull away. If you notice your loved one spending more time alone or avoiding new, shared experiences with others, they may be coping with hearing loss in their own way. Whether they’re at the beginning of their hearing journey or a ways up the road, having you by their side can make all the difference.
Recognizing hearing loss

Who pressed the mute button?

Is dad watching the TV at a volume that even your neighbors can hear? Is it impossible to ride with him in the car and listen to the radio? Is mom claiming that she can hear what you’re saying even though she isn’t responding? Do you find yourself strategically placing her to the right or left side of the dinner table? Hearing loss can be easily remedied and frustration from all sides can be nipped in the bud if you address it early enough, before behaviors become set in stone and before the bad mood takes hold of the parent you love.

Are there a lot of “huhs?” between you and your hubby? You might be the only one who can remedy it by beginning the conversation that can bring you back to real togetherness. Your life is a shared one: take the first step away from the Sound of Silence (thank you, Simon and Garfunkel).
Signs of hearing loss
How you can help

Starting the conversation

Convincing a loved one to address their hearing loss can be a daunting task. Hearing loss is often gradual, making it easier to “put off” over time, and solutions such as hearing aids may carry a stigma for some people. This makes it all the more important to approach the issue with empathy and understanding.

So, how can you start the conversation? We’ve put together a few tips for approaching the topic of hearing loss and hearing solutions.
  • Be open and honest
    Hearing loss is a complex issue. Not only does it affect your loved one, it can affect their relationships with family and friends, too. Don’t shy away from the tough truths and impact hearing loss has on everyone involved.
  • Focus on the benefits
    There are so many advantages to addressing hearing loss. From improved physical and mental well-being to increased social interation, getting back one’s hearing health can make a world of different. Focus on these positives aspects.
  • Wow them with innovation
    The world of hearing solutions doesn’t have to be a scary one. There is so much exciting technology and so many accessories that not only make better hearing possible, it makes it fun and convenient, too.
  • Take away the stigma
    If you know of anyone else who has dealt with hearing loss or uses hearing aids, introduce them to your loved one. Talking to someone who has taken their own journey and having real-life success stories as a source of motivation can help reduce the stigma surrounding hearing loss.
  • Let them know you’re there
    Hearing loss can make people feel like they’re alone. Making sure your loved one knows you’re there is such an essential part of their journey. Offer to help make an appointment and join them for their first consultation.
Get your hearing tested

Sweetheart, I’m taking the test

Be the first to try out the online hearing screening and get them to compare results, triggering a friendly competition of Who Hears Best?
Free Online hearing Test
Five tips for better hearing

Communicating with people with hearing loss

  • 1.
    “Hey, you!” Make sure you have their attention before you start talking.
  • 2.
    Speak slowly and clearly and face them directly.
  • 3.
    Address them in a quiet environment without any background noise.
  • 4.
    Don’t shout.
  • 5.
    Announce when you are changing the subject, “Subject change!”

Improving hearing health together

Playing the guitar wearing hearing aids getting the best sound expirience

Getting help for your hearing loss

Hearing loss not only affects how you hear, but how well your brain is able to function. From protecting your physical and mental well-being to improving your career outlooks, your hearing plays an essential role in it all. With HearCANADA by your side, you’ll have all the tools you need to stop the effects of hearing loss and start hearing better today.
Friends hiking

Hearing loss types

Hearing loss is something that can affect people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. There are different types of hearing loss that are characterized by the underlying cause. However, there are also different ways of categorizing it.
Different hearing aids types

Types of hearing aids

Are you looking for hearing aids? Hearing aids come in a variety of types and styles, which can be broken into two main categories. We will talk about each type of hearing aid as well as the advantages and disadvantages of them.

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