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Hearing aids are smart these days as you can adjust volume and much more from your smart phone

Smartphone, smarter hearing aids

Smart devices: Pair your smartphone with your hearing aids.
Using your smartphone

Smartphone, smart hearing

Control everything about your own personal hearing universe right from your smartphone⁠—including your hearing aids' volume, microphone direction, streaming music, telephone calls, audiobooks, and even our trademark tinnitus Zen therapy.

Fine-tune your hearing for the precise sounds you want to hear in the moment. Smartphone apps connect with your Signia, Widex, and Rexton hearing aids and are super easy to use. Dark mode even allows you to be secretive about it.
Connect your hearing aids to your smartphone

Super control over smart hearing

The technology is amazing, the convenience is mind-blowing. Who would have thought that you would use your smartphone to control your hearing aids? Remember the old days of misplaced remote controls for each and every one of our devices? Today, our smartphones can adjust the volume according to our surroundings, motion control detectors automatically adjust to new settings (for example, when you are in the car or outdoors), and directional microphones zone in on what you want to hear. You can even connect your phone directly to a conference speaker so that you can still sit in the back row (and get outta there if you need to). You can also stream the sound of your TV, music, audiobooks, and take phone calls with ease.
Signia hearing aids logo
Signia hearing aids

Take back control with Signia smartphone technology

Incredible control when your Signia hearing aids are connected to your smartphone. Optionally, you can use your miniPocket to make any adjustments you prefer.
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Widex hearing aids

Boost your experience with Widex smartphone technology

Book a free demo to test out Widex aids with your smartphone. Take them home for a spin to see how wow your hearing-world can be.
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Smartphones and hearing aids: FAQ

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