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The barely-there look

Enjoy the comfort of a custom fit without sacrificing sound. With ITC hearing aids, you get the best of both worlds. We’re happy to show you how.
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In-The-Canal (ITC) Hearing Aids

Full range of sound with half the visibility

In-the-canal hearing aids, also called ITC, sit snuggly in the lower portion of the outer ear. Tailor-made to your ear's shape, the design is extremely discreet, yet large enough to contain all of the powerful features you need. With a range of colors that can be matched to your skin tone, you can enjoy a full range of sounds with a barely-there appearance.
Insio AX black double Signia Hearing aids

With in-the-canal hearing aids, all essential elements are stored in the shell of the device. A microphone gathers the sound, converts it into sound waves that are enhanced through an amplifier, and then sends it to a speaker. It's a small device packed with power.

In-the-canal hearing aids offer a custom, comfortable fit with skin-tone matching colors for stealth. They don't impede daily activities, ensuring clear sound with their dual-microphone design. Additionally, their small size incorporates state-of-the-art technology for optimal hearing assistance.

A barely-there design that delivers a clear, quality sound—the only question left is: Are in-the-canal hearing aids a good option for your hearing health? Those living with mild to severe hearing loss can benefit from the ITC model. And with plenty of customizable options, we're certain you'll find a hearing aid that fits your exact needs and lifestyle.

The benefit of the in-the-canal design is its custom fit to the shape of your ear. If you have a hearing aid that has been properly fitted to your ear, it should fit comfortably and provide a clear, authentic sound. With that said, any new device will take a bit of time to get used to.


  • More discreet compared to larger models
  • Custom-fit for individual ear canals, providing comfort
  • Suitable for mild to moderately severe hearing loss
  • Often include advanced features like wireless streaming
  • Some are barely visible when worn


  • Smaller size means smaller batteries, leading to shorter battery life
  • Can be prone to earwax clogging
  • May be challenging for users with dexterity issues to handle
  • Not usually recommended for severe or profound hearing loss
  • Feedback can be an issue due to proximity to the ear drum

In-the-Canal hearing aids: FAQ

What does ITC mean in hearing aids?

Do In-the-canal hearing aids work?

What are the pros and cons of ITC hearing aids?

What is the difference between ITC and CIC hearing aids?

How much are In-the-canal hearing aids?

Do In-the-canal hearing aids have bluetooth?

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Which Type of Hearing Aid is Right For You?

Choosing hearing aids involves considering various factors, including your level of hearing loss, ear size and shape, budget, preferred features, and stylistic preferences.

Your ideal choice may not align with your initial preferences, as factors like profound hearing loss or small ear canals may limit certain options.

Consulting with a hearing care expert during a clinic visit, where a full hearing test and consultation are conducted, will help you identify suitable types based on your needs and preferences. From there, you can explore different brands and models to find the right fit within your budget with the desired features.

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