Take our free online hearing test

The older you get the more likely you are to suffer from hearing loss. 14% of people between the ages 45 to 65 suffer from some degree of hearing loss, and this increases to 30% for people who are 65 or older. Therefore, if you suspect that you have are hearing loss it is a good idea to take an online hearing test. 

Maybe you have trouble hearing people talk when you are in a crowded room? Or perhaps it has become increasingly difficult for you to hear the sounds coming from your TV or the radio? But not all realize themselves that they have a hearing loss, since it can be a gradual process the people close to you will often notice it before you do. 

When you have a hard time hearing your loved ones or what’s going on around you it can impact your lifestyle and the people you surround yourself with. Try our free online hearing test today and discover if you have a hearing loss.

How does the hearing loss test work?

The test takes 5 minutes and the purpose of the free online hearing test is to pinpoint your hearing challenges.

By testing your ability to hear messages in noisy environments and high frequency sounds, the online hearing loss test will be able to determine whether you should consult a hearing care professional.

After answering five questions about hearing challenges in your daily life, you will be asked to type in number combinations that are being read out to you in high background noise. The background noise will intensify during the test. After this stage you will be tested for your ability to hear high-frequency sounds.

You will then get your hearing loss test results. If these indicate that you might have a hearing loss, you can book an appointment for a follow-up consultation with a local hearing care specialist. Find one of our Audiologists near you here!