Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is one of the leading manufacturers of hearing aids in the world. It was founded more than 60 years ago by two families, and was passed down to other family members over the years.

Discover Widex Hearing Aids in Canada

What makes Widex hearing aids different is the cutting edge hearing aid technology that they use. Widex was the first to introduce several new features based on improving the hearing experience.  


The focus is on high quality, clear, and natural sound rather than amplifying all sound. Widex hearing aids help you hear specific conversations better in loud environments such as restaurants. Their technology also helps block out background noise like wind.  


Here is a quick outline of all the hearing aid models, features and technology you can expect from Widex.

Widex Hearing Aid Models

Widex makes a variety of models that come in all of the different hearing aid styles. The newer models currently available in Canada are:

  • Widex MOMENT™️ 
  • Widex EVOKE 

    If you are interested in trying the latest Widex hearing aid models and technology, you can fill out the form here to request an appointment at our nearest clinic. You can have a product discussion with a hearing health professional to learn more about them. While at the clinic you can see each model in person, touch them, and experience them for yourself. You can also arrange to take a set home with you to try them for one week for free, with no cost or obligation.



Contact us to request an appointment to try advanced new hearing aid technology for one week for free, with no cost or obligations.
Widex MOMENT™️

The WIDEX MOMENT™ is their latest hearing aid model which was released in Canada in March 2020. Each new Widex hearing aid has brought something new and innovative to hearing aids. For the MOMENT™, it offers one of the most pure, natural sound qualities you will find in hearing aids.  


It achieves this with its ZeroDelay™ sound processing technology. One of the main complaints new hearing aid users have is how artificial they sound. Even if they can hear more clearly than they could with their hearing loss, the sound experience in the past was different. 


What the ZeroDelay™ feature does is remove virtually all of that delay, so the sound a user hears with the MOMENT™ sounds much more natural. It also comes with the same machine learning technology that has made Widex so well known.


Here is a quick list of the Widex MOMENT models available: 


  • WIDEX MOMENT™ mRIC R D — the smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aid in the world. 



  • Custom form factors 


Each model may come with different features and functionality.

WIDEX MOMENT™️ Technology Levels

For each model of MOMENT™, there are also four different levels of technology: 


  • MOMENT™ 110 

  • MOMENT™ 220 

  • MOMENT™ 330 

  • MOMENT™ 440  


Each level of technology comes with more advanced features, and has a higher cost. 


Here are the main features that come with the Widex MOMENT™: 


  • ZeroDelay™ sound processing technology 

  • PureSound™ program  

  • Advanced water-resistant nano coating for better durability 

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries 

  • SoundSense Learn artificial intelligence learns how to improve sound quality in different environments


The WIDEX EVOKE hearing aid was released in Canada in 2018. It was the world’s first hearing aid to use machine learning technology to automatically make adjustments for the user. 

SoundSense Learn allows users greater control over how they are hearing by offering different sound profiles to compare against in real time. The Evoke app guides the users through simple A/B comparisons and the user can hone in on the sound profile that best suits the listening environment.

These features are great for people who are more tech savvy and like having a greater degree of control over their sound experience. The Widex Evoke Sound Class Technology allows the hearing aid to adapt automatically to as many as 11 different listening situations to accommodate specific listening requirements.


The WIDEX EVOKE comes in all hearing aid styles, from the larger and more powerful BTE hearing aids to the invisible CIC Micro hearing aids. 







WIDEX EVOKE Technology Levels

For each model of EVOKE, there are also four different levels of technology: 


  • EVOKE 110 

  • EVOKE 220 

  • EVOKE 330 

  • EVOKE 440  


Each level of technology comes with more advanced features, and has a higher cost. 


Here are the main features that come with the WIDEX EVOKE: 


  • SoundSense Learn technology 

  • Built-in Fluid Sound Analyzer and Controller 

  • Universal sound program 

  • Bluetooth connectivity 

  • Tonelink smartphone app  

  • EVOKE app 


Some features are optional.

Widex Hearing Aid Warranty Information

There are different warranties for Widex’s range of hearing aids, depending on which model and level of technology you choose. There are also different types of coverage, from things like loss and damage.  


Coverage ranges from two years for repairs as well as loss and damage. Most Widex hearing aid models will come with warranties for three years.

Widex Hearing Aids Manuals

When you purchase a Widex hearing aid, you will receive a user manual with all the information and instructions you would need. If you lose it, you can request a new copy from your HearCANADA clinic.  


You can also download a copy from the Widex website. Here is a list of the hearing aid manuals you can download by model: 


Request A Product Discussion 

Widex offers a wide range of technologically advanced hearing aids. They have earned a reputation for being on the cutting edge of natural sound quality and artificial intelligence. Their various models will suit any of our clients at HearCANADA, for all levels of hearing loss.  


If you want more information on these hearing aids, or if you want help choosing the right hearing aid for you, contact us today. Our local hearing healthcare professionals are standing by to request a free product discussion appointment to get you started on the journey to better hearing.

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