Since I have to use a hearing aid, I'm glad this one is intelligent

As a nature lover, Ed appreciates how WIDEX EVOKE is both a hearing aid he can easily control himself and a smart device that automatically adjusts as needed – whether he’s off the grid or in town. Hear what he’s got to say!

Note: this is not an actual client, but a portrayal of how the products may benefit someone with hearing loss.

I never thought I’d need a hearing aid. I mean, that’s for people who abuse their hearing, right?
Apparently not, since I’ve always been careful not to turn up the volume too high, and you wouldn’t catch me dead at a rock concert. Not even when I was younger.

I’ve always been more into nature than technology. So since I have to use a hearing aid, I’m glad this one is intelligent.

EVOKE is pretty damn impressive, as far as I'm concerned. The sound isn’t even tinny, which I’d always associated with hearing aids. It sounds natural.

That’s important to me, since I love spending time outdoors. Whenever I get the chance to get away for a few days, I take off.

And since I’m used to being the one who calls the shots, I expect to be able to control how well I hear, too. It just can’t be too much of a pain to use, which this one isn’t.

I like how it gives me different options when I ask it to, and then I just choose whatever sounds best. And if I don’t feel like messing with it at all, all that built-in stuff means it keeps up with my needs anyway.

Plus, it adjusts immediately, even when I’m totally off the grid. That’s cool. Sometimes I even forget I’m wearing the thing.

AGE: 54

OCCUPATION: Master bricklayer


HOW YOU DISCOVERED YOU NEEDED A HEARING AID: I couldn't hear the wind whistling anymore, even though I could feel it


FAVOURITE INDOOR SOUND: Firewood crackling in the fireplace

FAVOURITE OUTDOOR SOUND: The crunch of leaves under my feet in the fall

Ed's advice

Don’t think that just because you take care of your ears, you can’t suffer hearing loss.
Don’t be afraid to take control of EVOKE, even if you’re not very tech savvy.
Never underestimate how important it is to hear the silence sometimes!

5 signs you need a hearing aid

  • Turning up the TV
  • Misunderstandings
  • Giving strange answers to questions

  • Being able to hear but not understand what is being said
  • Difficulty hearing high-frequency sounds, like beeping from the microwave oven, or birdsong
Think you have a hearing loss?

It sounds natural

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