Life's too short to spend time fiddling with a hearing aid

If Anna is not treating clients or babysitting or hanging out with friends, she’s almost certainly not visiting her audiologist either. Anna takes pride in how well she hears, no matter where she is. This is her story.

Note: this is not an actual client, but a portrayal of how the products may benefit someone with hearing loss

If there’s one thing I don’t need in my life, it’s more appointments. I don’t have the time or desire to go to any other clinic than my own! 
So I expect to be able to adjust my hearing aid myself, whenever I need to. And no matter where I am or what’s going on, it had better react instantly – whether I’m giving it specific input at that moment or not.

That’s why I like EVOKE. It’s like it knows where I am and what kind of sound I need there. It remembers my preferences, you know? Then it automatically adjusts, so I can hear everything that’s important. 

Ever since my granddaughter was born, I’ve been helping out my daughter by babysitting at least every Wednesday afternoon, and sometimes on the weekends too. 

There’s a huge difference between the sounds I hear at work and what it’s like when I’m out and about in the city – not to mention the sounds the baby makes!

Somehow, it all sounds pretty natural, and I can always hear individual voices, which is really important to me.

My audiologist calls EVOKE a smart hearing aid, and she’s right. In my opinion, one of the smartest things about it is that I’m not constantly reminded that my hearing has deteriorated. It just works. 

I don’t even feel like I’m old enough to be wearing a hearing aid. And life’s too short to spend lots of time fiddling with it.
NAME: Anna Z.

AGE: 61

OCCUPATION: Physical therapist


I was finding it harder and harder to hear what my clients were saying – especially the women and young children


FAVOURITE INDOOR SOUND: My baby granddaughter “talking”

FAVOURITE OUTDOOR SOUND: When the metro beeps that it’s leaving the station – and I’m not still hearing myself panting

Anna's advice

Make peace with the fact that you can feel young and still need a hearing aid.
Take 5 minutes to learn how you can control EVOKE yourself – it’s a great investment.
Don’t work too much. Your grandchildren will be old before you know it.

5 signs you need a hearing aid

  • Turning up the TV
  • Misunderstandings
  • Giving strange answers to questions

  • Being able to hear but not understand what is being said
  • Difficulty hearing high-frequency sounds, like beeping from the microwave oven, or birdsong
Think you have a hearing loss?

It remembers my preferences

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