I can finally take charge of my hearing myself

Carl has gathered a lot of experience in the course of his mere 48 years – especially on the topics of fine dining, music . . . and hearing aids.

He’s someone who won’t settle for anything less than the best – which we’d like to believe is why he’s chosen Widex EVOKE™ for his hearing aid.

Note: this is not an actual client, but a portrayal of how the products may benefit someone with hearing loss.

Here are his thoughts on hearing:

I have two great loves in my life – other than my wife, of course. Food, and music. Well, maybe three, if you count wine too, but I consider that part of the dining experience.

Everybody knows that every piece of music sounds different. But every restaurant has its own melody, too.

And no matter where I’m eating, or what I’m hearing, I want to be the conductor of my listening experience.
It used to be really annoying with my old hearing aid to have to keep going back to the store and try to describe problems, so I could get adjustments made. 

I mean, do you know how hard it is to describe some things? And the problems would just keep popping up.

My wife and I eat out at least a couple times a week, and we go to a lot of concerts. Mainly jazz. Sometimes classical. So when you take my office and our friends into account too, there’s lots of different types of sounds I’m exposed to.

With EVOKE, I can finally take charge of my hearing myself. I can BE that conductor. I think maybe my audiologist appreciates it almost as much as I do!

Seriously, now I just use my iPhone to make a few quick adjustments if I’m not satisfied with the sound. It’s all very intuitive. And I’ve discovered that it also adapts quickly itself, even without my input. 
NAME: Carl J.

AGE: 48

OCCUPATION: Financial analyst


My wife and I kept fighting over the remote control – she kept wanting to turn the volume down, and I wanted to turn it up


FAVOURITE INDOOR SOUND: “What would you like to order?”

FAVOURITE OUTDOOR SOUND: Street music – particularly live jazz

Carl'S advice

Choose the right music program to match the kind of music you listen to.
Give your EVOKE plenty of input, especially in the start. It not only makes your hearing better, but it helps other people using EVOKE too.
Make your own, personalised programs for the places you spend the most time.

5 signs you need a hearing aid

  • Turning up the TV
  • Misunderstandings
  • Giving strange answers to questions

  • Being able to hear but not understand what is being said
  • Difficulty hearing high-frequency sounds, like beeping from the microwave oven, or birdsong
Think you have a hearing loss?

It's all very

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