Meet our Hearing Care Professional Ryan Skanes

Ryan is the hearing care professional at our Dundas hearing centre.

Ryan Skanes is a Hearing Instrument Specialist at our Dundas HearCANADA centre. 


In our interview with Ryan, we talk about why he became a hearing healthcare professional, what question he gets asked most often, and his favourite feature in hearing aids. Read Ryan’s full interview below.

Why did you decide to become a hearing healthcare professional?

After receiving my Bachelor's degree at the University of Waterloo and after volunteering for many years at the Cambridge Memorial Hospital, I knew I wanted a career in healthcare but I wasn't quite sure in what field. I have had a few ear-related procedures done when I was younger and since then, I have been fascinated by the hearing system in general. Not only that, both my parents and all my grandparents are hearing impaired and wear hearing aids themselves so this profession is close to my heart. From day one of the Hearing Instrument Specialist program at Conestoga College, I knew this was that this would be my lifelong career. 

What is the most common question asked by clients and what is your answer to the question?

The most common question asked is if they need to wear hearing aids at all times. Although it is not required it is highly recommended to wear hearing aids as much as possible throughout the day. The brain needs to relearn how to hear and sometimes it can take some getting used to. By continuously using the hearing aids, they are giving the brain more time to get used to the sounds they may not have heard in a while. Some patients may need to gradually work their way up to full-time use as they are getting accustomed to them. Of course, it is also recommended to take out the hearing aids if any loud machinery is being used or if entering an extremely loud environment.

What is one of your favourite features of hearing aids and how can your clients take advantage of it?

Bluetooth technology to allow for streaming of phone calls and media from client's smartphones is such a great feature that many clients love. The ability to connect to the client's smartphone also has the added ability to allow for connectivity to the appropriate app which allows the client themselves more control over settings such as volume and directionality. 

Does Ontario's Government Cover Hearing Aids?

The government does have funding to help with the cost of hearing aids through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP). All that is needed is a valid OHIP Health Card. ADP will cover a maximum of $500 per hearing aid and it is renewable every 5 years but can be accessed earlier if needed and certain requirements are met.

You can book an appointment with Ryan at our Dundas hearing centres.