Meet Our Audiologist Kayla Belanger

Kayla is the Audiologist at our Tecumseh and Lakeshore hearing centres.

Kayla Belanger is an Audiologist at our Tecumseh and Lakeshore HearCANADA centres. She received her undergraduate degree from the University of Windsor and Doctorate of Audiology from Wayne State University. 


In our interview with Kayla, we talk about why she became a hearing healthcare professional, why she recommends her clients wear hearing aids throughout the entire day, and her favourite tips for hearing aid wearers. Read her full interview below.

Why did you decide to become a hearing healthcare professional?

I believe honesty is the best policy - I decided to become an audiologist because it was an up-and-coming field of work. I knew I wanted to stay near Windsor, ON and be in a field where I can help people. The job outlook for audiologists in the area looked very good! Originally, I went to school to become a special education teacher; however, jobs were very difficult to come by. I decided to go back to school to get my doctorate at Wayne State University, in Audiology.

Is there a specific time you remember where you really felt like you made a difference for a client?

I personally hope that every client of mine feels like I made a difference. I do not treat anyone differently -- each client is special. I always try to remember, I have completed thousands of hearing tests and programmed thousands of hearing aids, however this is the first time for a client. I try to educate every client of mine; helping them learn how hearing aids work, and how we can adapt faster to them. In addition, I often encourage my client to bring a friend or family member to all their appointments. I believe this enriches the appointment by having another set of ears to provide useful feedback to me. The more I know about each client, the more I can help and truly make a difference in each client’s journey.

Why do I have to wear my hearing aids all the time?

Your brain loves consistency! The more you experience something, the more normal it becomes. Even if you are sitting alone reading a book, the house makes noise, the fan makes noise, there is outside noise… the more your brain hears these sounds, the faster you will adapt to hearing these sounds again. I tell my clients all the time, humans are creatures of habit, we do not like change. Hearing loss happens over many years and is very gradual, whereas hearing aids correct our disability in a matter of seconds. Be patient with yourself! It’s a big change!

What is your favourite tip for someone who is new to wearing hearing aids?

Read out loud! A lot of clients have a difficult time acclimating to the sound of their own voice. When a client starts to wear hearing aids for the first time, they hear their own voice at a much louder volume than they have been used to in the past. This sensation of sound can be difficult to get used to in the beginning. Our brains are fabulous organs and have the ability to adapt quickly. I encourage clients to read out loud because this allows the brain to hear their own voice as much as possible, which speeds up the process of adapting to your ‘new’ voice.

What is one of your favourite features of hearing aids and how can your clients take advantage of it?

Streaming microphones!

A streaming microphone is a small device that can be clipped onto a person (non hearing aid user) to help provide a better signal for the hearing aid user. For example, one of the most common environments where hearing is difficult is in church. A streaming microphone can be clipped to the priest/reverend/speaker to stream their voice directly to the hearing aid user. Many hearing aid users are embarrassed to ask people to use these microphones. I will often remind them that hearing loss should not be embarrassing or something to be ashamed of. There are so many things that can be used to help a person with hearing loss. My rule: embrace the loss and take all the help you can get…. Life is too short not to hear the world!

What are your favourite parts about working and living in the Lakeshore & Tecumseh community?

My current office is located in a small town where I grew up. I love running into people that I knew as a child or that my grandparents know! In today’s hearing aid world, there are SO many options, and being able to create a trusting relationship with your audiologist is a big part of the hearing aid experience. I believe that hearing aids are a two-way street, I need to do my job, but the client also needs to communicate with me their needs/wants, etc. The more trust and openness you have in your relationship with your clients, the easier it is to cultivate a happy hearing aid user. My favourite part about living in this area is the access to water. I am a water baby! I love boating, kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, and swimming. Anything to do with water and I’m at peace. I am a very big believer in work/life balance. Living here in Lakeshore provides me with the peace and solitude of a beautiful recharge on the water before heading to work. One of my favourite summer pastimes is a sunrise paddle board before work.

You can book an appointment with Kayla at our Tecumseh or Lakeshore hearing centres.