How To Use The Signia Assistant App?

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The Signia Assistant is a feature in the Signia app, which is available for both Apple and Android smartphones — you can see the full list of compatible devices by clicking here. The Signia Assistant is a highly advanced AI (artificial intelligence) feature. It allows you to tell the Assistant every time you would like to optimize the sound of your hearing aids, or to receive support to hear someone more clearly. Every time you interact with the Assistant, it accommodates your wishes in a matter of seconds and remembers your preferences for later.


The Signia Assistant feature is only available on hearing aids that use the Signia Xperience (X) or Augmented Xperience (AX) platform and on a compatible smartphone or tablet.
Signia Assistant in the App

When you open the Signia app, the Signia Assistant’s icon appears at the top right of your screen. If you haven’t set up your hearing aids yet in the Signia app, you can read our guide on getting started with the Signia app. Once you click on the icon, the Signia Assistant will welcome you and ask how it can help in the form of text-based dialogue. You can choose from a list of options to address your need at that moment and continue to answer the Assistant’s questions until it provides a solution best for you.


All of the changes made by the Signia Assistant will remain in the Universal program even after you switch your hearing aids off and on again. You can choose to reset your hearing to their original settings at any time in the app.

Hearing Aid Maintenance On Signia Assistant
In addition to making sound quality changes, the Signia Assistant also contains information about hearing aid maintenance and troubleshooting. It can even provide support for the most common handling issues, such as how to switch the hearing aids on and off, how to clean them, and how to change batteries. The instructions are supported by pictures and short videos demonstrating how to perform each of these tasks.
How To Start A New Chat and Revert Settings

There are three ways that you can start a new chat with the Signia Assistant:

  1. The Signia App may be closed and restarted

  2. At the end of a conversation you can click on New Chat

  3. By going to Settings in the top right corner of the Signia Assistant and selecting New chat with Signia Assistant


If a new chat is started, it is important to note that all existing settings including previous changes will remain in the hearing aids. It only means the previous conversation is cleared allowing you to start a new chat.


If you are not satisfied with the changes made by Signia Assistant, you can revert to the original hearing aid settings. This is done by going to Settings in the top right corner of the Signia Assistant and selecting Revert to hearing care professional’s settings. This will restore the previous fitting session in the hearing aids from your hearing healthcare professional and all changes introduced by Signia Assistant are then discarded and will no longer be available.
Download the Signia App Today

The Signia app contains the Signia Assistant which uses artificial intelligence to offer you immediate support whenever you need to adjust settings to optimize the sound for your hearing.

Download the Signia App today!

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