Earwax can be the reason why you can't hear - with or without hearing aids

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is one of the most common causes of hearing loss
Earwax can block your ears and cause a certain degree of hearing loss or total deafness. If your hearing aids don't work anymore, it could be wax. 

But don't worry - there are quite a few solutions to your challenge. You can use certain remedies to soften it up or go for the wax removal treatments to clean your ears. 

Blocked ears
Your ears could be blocked from earwax causing a gradual hearing loss.

Really hard wax
If you have really hard impacted wax you can either consult your doctor or an audiologist. The hearing care professional will be able to help with a hearing test if hearing loss is still an issue after removing the wax.

If you have any questions about earwax removal* call us to find out more.

*Earwax removal services are available at selected clinics only

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Earwax and temporary deafness
Some people mistake wax build up for actually going deaf
You could be suffering from both, but you need the excess wax removed before you can be checked for a natural hearing loss.

We actually do need wax  - but not too much! 
Our body creates it all the time to keep ears healthy. It's only when we get excess wax build up that we have to do something about it.