About HearCANADA

HearCANADA is one of the country’s premier hearing healthcare providers focused on and dedicated to delivering quality patient care.

We are focused on client care with a strong devotion to the medical community. We provide a wide range of services, including tests, diagnostics, fittings, counseling, and access to the most advanced technology to improve our client’s quality of life.

Treating clients with the care they deserve is a commitment shared by all HearCANADA employees. We take the time to understand situations, answer questions, and discuss all the treatment options available to our clients.

Mission, Vision & Values


As a global leader, our ambition is to unlock human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life.


Unlocking human potential by making wonderful sound part of everyone’s life.

Our values include going beyond together, pioneering for better solutions and having a passion for impact.

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We know that hearing loss not only touches the individual affected, but their family, friends and co-workers as well. That's why we take the extra step beyond offering only products and services that meet your needs.

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Join Our Team

HearCANADA is a leader in the Canadian hearing industry. With over 80 locations across Canada and a focus on continued growth, we are an excellent choice for any stage of your career. HearCANADA provides a culture where all employees are encouraged to reach their highest potential.  We have comprehensive training and mentorship programs, ensuring that you have all the tools you need to be successful.

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Our Hearing Services

We offer a range of hearing care services which include:

  • Hearing assessments using state of the art equipment

  • Hearing aid evaluations and custom fittings

  • Custom swim plugs, noise protection and musician earplugs

  • Assistive listening devices – amplified telephones and FM systems among other helpful listening devices

  • Counseling for a wide range of hearing care needs

  • Hearing aid maintenance and care: We offer complete and reliable after-purchase servicing

Services offered at SOME of our clinics:

  • Cerumen management (wax removal)

  • Balance screenings

  • Pediatric hearing assessments

  • Tinnitus and hyperacusis therapies