Your personalized hearing solution

You are not just spending your money on a piece of technology, but on a hearing solution that keeps pace with your life.
Take charge of your hearing with a personalized hearing plan developed specially for you. 

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Introducing the helixWay
- the best way to better hearing

At helix, you are not just spending your money on a piece of technology. The best way to better hearing is to fit your hearing aids with your ever-changing lifestyle.

We make sure that your hearing aids don't end up in your drawer. 
Many people who buy hearing aids end up leaving them in the drawer because the hearing aid hasn't been fitted to their specific needs and way of life.

When you enter our clinic for a chat and a hearing test, we listen.
We work with you to make sure that you walk out with a hearing solution that fits your life.

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We put our patients at the heart of everything we do

The helixWay
Invest in your hearing at helix
We focus on your entire hearing solution, not just your hearing aids. With the helixWay, you keep improving your hearing and your hearing budget goes toward a growing investment, not just technology gradually losing value. 
The helix Service Plan will end up saving you loads of money
Why is service so important when buying a hearing aid?
Because a hearing aid is one thing - a hearing solution is a completely different matter. 

Getting a hearing aid without service is like buying a computer without software, support or warranty - it will not be very useful!

With the helix Service Plan, a full team is automatically engaged in improving your hearing experience. If you have any challenges along the way, things you feel would be good to discuss or new opportunities arising to further advance your hearing, we will be there to support and help you.

With the helix Service Plan there will be no unpleasant surprises.
helix hearing care Service Plan
We send you in the right direction by making you part of our Service Plan which offers:

  • Ongoing dialogue
  • Follow-up meetings
  • A tailored hearing solution
  • Ongoing hearing aid adjustments
  • Bonus services, with focus on your individual hearing challenges
The above is to ensure that your hearing experience will meet your needs and expectations.
After CareĀ 

Our helix hearing care team will continuously improve your hearing solution.

An important part of our Service Plan is our after care, which is designed to deliver an unparalleled experience.

Our program offers:
  • Repairs
  • Warranties
  • Fast-track repairs
  • Various additional services
We make sure that no matter the size or shape of your hearing solution, service is always included.
We take the time to listen and understand your needs
The helixWay